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Quiet's 2 Year Anniversary License Plate

- Individually numbered & hand signed by @rly.slo

- Entire Plate finished in gold metallic with black logo negative

- Hand signed box

- Magnetic: Pre-mounted with two high grade race magnets for easy on/off application. Each magnetic plate comes with 2 ferrous license plate bolt screws. Optimal for taking on / off vehicles for photos, etc. Tested up to 170 MPH in track conditions.


For off road purposes only. Quiet Club is not responsible for installation and / or license plates falling off while on a moving vehicle. Tested up to 170 MPH on track conditions.


This item is avaliable for presale only. Please allow 3-4+ weeks for shipping.

Quiet 2 Year - Collectors Edition

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  • This plate is for vanity/novelty use only. This plate is not to be used on public roads of any kind, and is strictly for use as a novelty plate, show car use, off-road areas, or used for decoration only. In some States/Provinces, including without limitation California, off-road uses are also prohibited. This is NOT a legal license plate in any of the 50 states and should not be used as such. This license plate is NOT issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your State/Provincial and Local/Municipal laws and regulations.

  • Size: Standard 6" x 12"x 0.025 License plate.

    Magnetic Plate Hardware: License plate comes with pre-installed race magnets (patent pending) and two mounting screws to replace existing license plate screws.

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